By Linda Fullman | June 28, 2019

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For Tree Removal?

Speaker 1: Hi there. It’s the Insurance Lady and I wanted to answer the question of will my homeowner’s policy covered trees or tree damage? That would be determined by your specific homeowner’s insurance policy and whether or not that tree fell due to being diseased, it simply died and fell down, or if it fell down and hit an outbuilding, or your pool, or your home, and what that cap rate might be. It might cover, if it fell on your home, there might be a cost of debris removal, and removing that tree that might be covered. There might be an element where it might cover some of the tree to replace it, but it might have a cap rate on it. All these things might be subject to a deductible.
The best answer would be to contact your insurance agent to find out what your specific homeowner’s policy language specifies, how it covers, what peril it covers. Because again, you have specific perils that your homeowner’s covers. It doesn’t specifically say a tree, but it might be falling objects due to maybe a wind storm. So consult your agent and find out what that might look like.