Insurance 101 by The Insurance Lady

The Insurance Lady explains what’s the difference between Home Insurance and Home Warranty



The Insurance Lady explains the difference between Private Mortgage Insurance, Mortgage Insurance Premium and Mortgage Protection Plan to homeowners and home buyers.

The Insurance Lady dispels common myths about life insurance.

The Insurance Lady exposes the myth and full coverage insurance and explains what it really means and how it affects you the consumer.

Stressed out mom writes to The Insurance Lady for advice to her 16 year old son who doesn’t take safe driving responsibility seriously. The Insurance Lady sets him straight. Great advice on how to talk to a young driver about the right of passage of driving and the responsibilities of safe driving.

The Insurance Lady gives advice on how to check your tire tread to keep you safe on wet roads

The Insurance Lady shares safety tips on how to drive on icy road conditions.

The Insurance Lady gives advice on checking smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and also documenting your personal contents in your home prior to home claim

The Insurance Lady gives advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of IRS scams