By Linda Fullman | November 1, 2018

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

Hi there, it’s the Insurance Lady, answering your most pressing insurance questions. So can your homeowner’s insurance policy pay to replace your roof? Possibly.
So remember that your homeowner’s insurance policy is not a maintenance policy, it is a peril policy, meaning that if your roof needs for replace, due to maintenance or neglect, it will not cover it. However, if your roof needs to be replaced due to something that is covered by your policy, perhaps your roof was affected by a fire, which is a covered peril, lightning, wind and hail, things of that nature. So your policy will indicate the different perils that are covered, and if it has been affected by one of those perils, then it can be covered.
In addition you have to remember that every homeowner’s insurance policy also has a deductible. So your roof might be subject to a deductible, and the other part that you might need to look at is what type of homeowner’s policy it is, so is it an actual cash value? Or is it replacement cost for your roof? So it may pay for part of it, maybe all of it, it really is dependent upon the type of homeowner’s policy you have and the reason that you need your roof replaced.