By Linda Fullman | November 1, 2018

Can Homeowners Insurance Be Paid Monthly?

It’s the insurance lady answering the most pressing insurance questions. Can your homeowner’s insurance premium be paid monthly? That depends if you have a home loan and if it is required that your homeowner’s insurance be escrowed as part of that mortgage payment. If it is escrowed, then your homeowner’s insurance premium, you are automatically paying one twelfth of that already as part of your mortgage payments.
If you do not have that requirement as part of your home loan, then you have the option of paying that monthly or paying it in full. Now typically speaking, when you pay your mortgage payment in full, there’s generally a discount associated with it. Again, it depends if you have a mortgage and that’s required to be escrowed as part of it, and if it’s not a requirement then you can certainly pay it monthly or in full.